July 23, 2009

Vintage Inspired Yellow Cupcake with Pink Contrast Apron

This adorable apron can be found at BOOJIBOO

"This is a very cute vintage inspired full apron! This apron has a ridiculously cute cupcake pattern. The background color is yellow, and the pockets and straps are a pink and white polka dot. This pattern is 100% original, no patterns used except the one we created! The way this apron is cut and sewed, it is meant to look flattering on ANY body type! The Apron is fully adjustable with two straps that go around the neck [27.5 inches each] and two straps for the waist [27 inches each] so you can adjust how high or low you would like it. From top to bottom the apron measures 27 inches, and the waist itself measures 21 inches."