July 8, 2009

*MISSY* by the little fox

This adorable little girl is made by THE LITTLE FOX on etsy!

"I give you Missy!!! She just loves a good riddle and Agatha Christie novels, hence the pondering expression!!! ( and she's just so adorable in that pink polka dot costume of hers...I just LOVE polka dots...but then again, you could tell that already ;)) This cutie stands about 18 inches tall. She's made from 100% cotton, with a fully hand-painted face, hair made of wonderfully soft wool felt, and she is stuffed with polyfil. She has been adorned with two lovely vintage buttons. She comes with a pouch scented with lavender to keep her smelling beautifully and help provide a relaxed night's sleep for your little ones!!!(If you do not wish to receive the pouch, just let me know when you place your order!)"