July 16, 2009

Little Red Riding Hood Hoot Owls - Ruby Red - Plush Doll with Secret Pocket

You can find this adorable Owl at BUTTERCUP BLOOM

"Ruby Red is the best bird. Her wings take her to the highest tree tops and into the fluffiest clouds. She leads expeditions every Spring high in the mountains and on the rainiest days in search of tender asparagus shoots, nasturtium flowers and baby lettuces for her World Famous salads. Other birds flock around her because they love the positive glow of her spirit and the sincerity in her warm smile. Ruby Red is a bird you'll want to wrap your wing around. This plush owl is as cute as she is unique. Her endearing face was hand embroidered onto the softest natural material. Ruby Red the Hoot Owl was created from cherry red corduroy and a gray ragg wool sweater that was felted and repurposed into new life. Not only is Ruby Red as cuddly as can be, she "gives a Hoot" about the environment. Look closely at the photos of Ruby Red and you'll find her wearing adorable Japanese-printed linen fabric with the Red Riding Hood story characters. Too fun! On Ruby's back, you will find a cute wee pocket just large enough to hold tooth fairy coins, a love note, lucky penny or small scroll of positive affirmations. Your Ruby Red Hoot Owl will come with a pocket-sized envelope/note card - perfect for gift giving! All fabric was pre-washed and thoughtfully stitched together in a smoke-free home. This Ruby Red Hoot Owl measures approximately 8.5 inches from the tip of Ruby's tufted "horns" to her soft sweater bottom & is about 17 inches all the way around the widest part of her owlish body. Ruby Red would stand up well to spot cleaning & handwashing when needed. ...hoo-hoo hoooooo hoo-hoo..."