July 30, 2009

The Cardigan Girls

This sweet print can be found at TOLLIPOP

"This is a print of an original painting. The print measures 8.5" x 11", although the actual image size is about 5.5" x 6". I use Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper, an acid free, all cotton watercolor paper with a parchment surface and special coating for excellent image sharpness and optimum color gradation.

But all this minutae is neither here nor there. It doesn't tell you what you really need to know about this paper, which is that I would use some to line a nest and bear my young in it. And the first word out of my baby's mouth would be Hahnemühle. Then I'd slip a piece of it into my pocket, and when no one was looking, I would take it out and we'd gaze at each other for hours. And I would start talking to my paper, telling it all kinds of stuff, I mean I would really let it into my mind. We'd have all these inside jokes that only WE would laugh at. And that paper would just get me, you know? Because Hahnemühle paper? Is THAT good.

Also, I should mention the artwork is printed with archival inks that really drench the paper. The result is clear, vibrant, and beautiful.

Next I will sign your print and carefully package it in a protective sleeve with a durable backing, then bid it farewell in a bendproof cardboard mailer."