July 15, 2009


Adorable little clothespin doll made by FROM NANCYS HEART

Hi, I'm Mari Jane. I'm as untraditional as my name!! My hair is the bestest color of bubble gum and I have this terrific dress that was handmade for me. It has these daisies on it and I really love daisies!! I'm growing some pink ones in my yard. But right now, I'm having this really great lollipop that was made by a fav here at Etsy, Kishcrafts.etsy.com. She's just terrific and I love all her foods, yum! So if you want to have me come over to your house, let Nancy know and I'll be on my way!! See ya soon. Mari Jane is a sweet little girl; not intended for small children, but rather as a shelf decoration. Thanks! :D"