July 22, 2009


"This cool and hard to miss bag is the perfect solution for a day that you need or want to carry half of your house with you, but still like to do it with style. This funky bag can be found at HANDBAGS BY DAPHNE

this bag Made from 2 HIGH QUALITY , 100% COTTON FABRICS One fabric has multi colors flowers in colors of: BROWNS,PINK, YELLOW,WHITE,BLUE-PURPLE AND ORANGE. The second fabric has leaves in colors of BROWN AND BLUE-PURPLE. -Handcrafted to be extremely strong and durable( WE PUT VERY STRONG INTERFACING), yet lightweight -The interior of the bag is fully-lined with two large pockets -one each side; one open pocket and the other with a zipper -The size of the handbag is: 12.5-18 inches wide, 14 inches high - the shoulder straps are AJUSTABLE. you can wear it like regular TOTE or like a MESSENGER BAG (PLEASE SEE PHOTO of differnt fabric but the same style and size) -close with LARGE MAGNETIC SNAP, and large DECORATED WOOD BOTTON. (you can choose to have this bag with plain wood button with no decoration)"