July 14, 2009

Gather, Circle Moss Ring

Circle Moss Ring by Adorn Jewelry
"Gather is the second in my line of ‘Living Jewelry.’ A little clump of faux moss has been planted atop this ring. Easy to care for as this moss has no need for sunlight or water! Specifications: A hand-cut piece of faux moss made of latex sprouts backed with foam has been "planted" into the bezel setting of this silver plated ring. The ring is also pictured alongside the Gather Square Ring which is also available in my shop. This listing is for the Circle Ring only. Color of moss varies and may appear lighter or darker green than pictured. The ring itself is approximately 22mm in diameter and features a wide band of .25 in. Definitely not your typical adjustable ring; the sturdiness makes it feel like a standard ring with the added bonus of being able to customize it to a snug fit."