August 18, 2009

Spun Cotton Vintage Style Halloween Witch Girl with Cat

This cute little witch can be found at VINTAGE BY CRYSTAL

"This spun cotton witch girl figure has got some attitude and is about to cast a spell on the next unsuspecting stranger that crosses her path! She about 4.5" tall. Her body is solid cotton and she was hand spun using techniques similar to those of the early German artisans who created cotton ornaments for Christmas. She wears a black crepe dress with vintage silk ribbon sash, cotton batting collar and an antique bead button. She has a scrap paper face stands holding her straw broom on an orange glittered knoll embellished with vintage storybook paper and tiny millinery flower. With her trusty broom in hand, you'd better be careful...she can cause trouble with those magic spells of hers! :)"


Vintage by Crystal said...

Your blog is fabulous and I love your finds! I hope witch girl enchants some of your readers! :)