August 10, 2009

Handmade Rabbit Doll- Mostly Marvelous Ms. Rabbit

This adorable little rabbit can be found at BIRD AND LITTLE BIRD

"Handmade from high-quality soft linen and Japanese cotton print fabrics and firmly stuffed with fluffy, natural cotton stuffing. Ms. Rabbit's arms and legs are attached with wooden buttons and are movable, her nose is hand-embroidered with delicate pink embroidery floss. Because of my apparent fondness for small mammals wearing scarves, Ms. Rabbit comes complete with a scarf of her very own, made of 100% wool felt. The flowers on her scarf and belly are also made of wool felt. Mostly Marvelous Ms. Rabbit (who insists on the qualifier in her title in the event that she has an off day) is about 14 inches tall from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet. Because of her affection for buttons, Ms. Rabbit is not intended for smalls below the age of three. However, she is also available as a custom order if you prefer a button-less version for a younger child. Just send me a convo. and this can be easily arranged."